As a new type of decoration material, cultural stone is gradually welcomed by its hard materials, vivid color and rich texture. Today, let's take a look at the advantages of cultural stone, which is worthy of so many people.

1. Light texture

Compared with other general stone materials, cultural stone is one-third or one-quarter of the weight of ordinary stone. It does not require additional wall foundation to support it, and it is anti-corrosion and weatherproof.

2. The appearance is natural and beautiful

The appearance of the cultural stone is different from other stone materials. It does not follow the rules, the surface is shiny and translucent, and the texture is natural, which can bring people a natural and simple feeling. At the same time, the style and quality of the decoration have been increased.

3. Green environmental protection

The cultural stone itself has no special odor. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, non-radiative stone, very green and environmentally friendly, and the cultural stone fire insulation and sound insulation effect are very good, and the safety performance is also high.

4. Clean and easy maintenance

After the cultural stone material is treated by the waterproofing agent, it is generally not easy to adhere to the dust, and the maintenance is also very simple.

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