The cultural stone is divided into natural cultued stone and artificial cultured stone. The material is hard, bright and rich in texture. Whether it is natural or artificial, the shape and texture are superior, maintaining the natural stone appearance, and it is durable and not afraid of dirty. Clean, so it is very popular with everyone.

I believe that the cultured stone should be familiar to everyone. The cultured stone is the visual focus of the decoration industry in recent years. It has gradually emerged in the building masonry and has become a newcomer to the building materials. Nowadays, we use the cultured stone at the bottom of the common rural villas. We can't help but find that it is so popular. Why is the cultured stone so popular with everyone?

Then why do everyone use cultured stone to build the bottom of the house? That is because of the excellent characteristics of the cultured stone itself!
First, the cultural stone hardness is relatively large
The cultured stone has a high hardness and a hard texture. It also has very good wear and pressure resistance characteristics, and it is not easy to be scratched. Therefore, it is used for the bottom, which is both beautiful and practical!
Second, the cultured stone is resistant to water and moisture
The cultured stone itself has a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect. Compared with other materials, the cultured stone is resistant to water and moisture, because it does not cause mold and moisture problems.
Third, the cultured stone is beautiful and natural
The surface of the cultured stone is rich and unique, not only beautiful, but also gives the building its natural simplicity and charm when it is used, which invisibly improves the grade. Moreover, the pattern and color of the cultured stone can be used in accordance with the style that you like, and it gives you more choices.
Fourth, the cultured stone has a low water absorption rate
The cultured stone has low water absorption rate, not only has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, but also makes it not easy to be dirty. If it is dirty, it is clean with a rag and is very easy to clean, beautiful and practical. Moreover, due to the low water absorption rate, the dirt on the surface of the cultural stone does not enter the interior, making the cultural stone difficult to color and dye, and maintaining a fresh color and gloss for a long time.