Tips for Floor and Wall Tile:

You should keep a few things in mind before tackling your next floor tile or wall tile project. For example, make sure you select the right tile for your project needs. Add character to any room by choosing from a wide selection of small travertine tile, mosaic tile or stacked stone tile for your kitchen or bathroom walls. If you’re looking for an attractive, durable flooring option, consider porcelain or wood-look tile. No matter what type of tile you’re preparing to install, make sure it’s moisture-resistant and can stand up to the needs of your space.

Tile for Every Lifestyle:

Need some new bathroom tile ideas for a remodel? On the hunt for grout to completely smooth away unsightly tile cracks or crevices? The right tile or tile accessories can take any lackluster kitchen or bathroom from grungy to gorgeous in no time. Upgrade any space by choosing from a variety of durable, gorgeous wall and floor tile options.

Purchase tile in bulk for a new construction project. Pick up a new trowel for smoother grout application. Easily remove gunk from old tile floors with a quality grout cleaner. You’ll complete your next home improvement project in no time when you’re using the right tiling tools.

Material With a Purpose:
Make sure you invest in quality tile you can trust. Choose from a number of beautiful, durable tile options that will stand the test of time. These include:
1.Porcelain floor tile: incredibly moisture-resistant and suitable for underfloor heating
2. Ceramic floor tile: glazed, moisture-resistant and perfect for floors, walls, backsplashes and countertops
3. Granite tile: heat-resistant and a great choice for flooring and countertops
4. Marble tile: durable and provides an elegant, polished look
5. Slate tile: slip- and stain-resistant, and can stand up to heavy foot traffic
6. Quartz tile: requires little maintenance and is stain-resistant
Choose Tile With Style:
Trying to capture a classic, cozy feel for your home or looking to create a contemporary vibe? Bring your vision to life with the right materials. Showcase your home’s unique style by installing:
Wood-Look Tile:
Add warmth to your space by adding wood-look tile throughout your home. Wood-look tile is made from porcelain, yet still provides the look and feel of classic wood floors or walls.
Sophisticated Grays:
For a sense of soothing comfort, install sophisticated gray tile in your kitchen or bathroom. Sophisticated gray tile comes in a variety of patterns and spans the gray spectrum.
Classic Whites:
Nothing screams sophistication like a white finish. Classic white tile can completely transform your home, making it look clean and crisp.
Linear Looks:
If you’re interested in achieving a more uniform appearance throughout your home, consider tile with a linear look. 
Midcentury Modern:
Mix up the look of your space with fun shapes and patterns. Our midcentury modern tile is perfect for backsplashes, floors and walls.
If you’re aiming for a more rustic, classic look for your kitchen or bathroom, choose from suitable of farmhouse tile. From ceramic wall tile to beautiful mosaic floor tile, you’re guaranteed to find a style you love.