Qianfan company's stone display stand materials are usually used: pipe profiles, wire mesh, sheet, high carbon steel and so on. The product structure uses a detachable combination to minimize the packaging volume of the display rack. The paint on the display rack is painted four times on the steel, three times the primer, and each time the paint is applied, it will be sent to the dust-free constant temperature barn and baked.The color of the baked edges and the surface are smooth and smooth, the color is the same, the paint film is uniform, and the color is full. Today, we will simply share with you the following points about the use of display rack materials, crafts and the price of stone display racks! Let's take a look at the following points:
The stone display stand design process is adopted separately:
The display rack adopts: modern minimalist design and simple display frame. The structure is matched with floor display, push-pull type rack, hanging type display stand and more. According to the customer's needs and the size of the product, we can customize the stone display stand of our exhibition hall with reasonable humanity and environmental protection. The whole display stand usually uses 2*4 standard square tube, high temperature baking paint, durable, high quality environmental protection board, clear texture, comfortable hand, perfect combination of steel frame and wood to create a modern and simple art display stand!
The types of stone display stands are as follows:
1. According to the use, it can be divided into: exhibition display stand, data display stand, publicity display stand, etc.
2. According to the material, it can be divided into: acrylic display stand, metal display stand, composite material display stand, etc.
3. According to the style can be divided into:counter rack, floor-standing display stand, hanging type rack and so on.
The price of each material is different. According to the customer's needs and the choice of materials, we can customize the quantity to negotiate the price, so that our partners can get a satisfactory price. Both new and old customers know our prices. It is very reasonable and affordable. Qianfan exhibits welcome you to inquire us to create all kinds of stone display racks for you, as well as all kinds of comprehensive display stands.