With the development of China's exhibition industry, exhibitions are gradually in line with the international standards. The design style of exhibition racks has also been influenced by different styles in the world, whether it is stone racks, wood floor racks or ceramic tile racks. Formed a style with its own characteristics. Next, we will summarize some common styles of design for your reference.
1. Simple and Unified Style
With the image of the exhibitor as the same symbol, the logo is widely used in all the international exhibition design in which the exhibitor participates. To participate in a series of exhibition rooms at home and abroad, the contents of the corporate culture image framework should be displayed, and the unique personality image of the enterprise should be highlighted. This concise and unified exhibition style is more conducive to enhancing the visual memory of the corporate cultural image of the audience.
2. Non-entity Display Style
It is to treat the exhibition cabinets, booths and other props carrying exhibits as visual effects; or to treat exhibits as multimedia display, rather than directly displaying objects. The strong contrast between the virtual sense of vision of props and the real sense of vision of exhibits makes the combination of virtual and real form a visual alternation, giving people the direction of fashion trend.
3. Architectural Decoration Style
That is to say, the exhibition design is modeled according to the unique vertical shape of the architectural space. The distinctive features of architectural style are bright lines, simple colors, concise shape and strong shape, which can quickly impress the audience.
4. Postmodern Art Style
It is a typical post-modernist international general style, which is composed of a metal structure frame with international common standardization devices, a standardized and standardized light-weight boss alloy exhibition frame, composite panel display layout and so on. However, this style is common in small-scale exhibition design. It has the advantages of convenient distribution, disassembly, storage and transportation, but it also has the shortcomings of single form.
5. Natural Wind
It is to integrate the idea of advocating nature and returning to nature into the creative design of exhibition, so that the exhibition space is filled with a harmonious and warm atmosphere between man and nature, which is common in tourism exhibitions. Under the current advocacy of the concept of green environmental protection, more and more exhibitions show a return to the natural design creative style.
6. Technical Style of Industry
Make full use of modern advanced scientific and technological achievements, and strengthen the performance of display. These high-tech applications to every layout of the exhibition, every link of the exhibition design creative planning, has become a fashion and pursuit, and gradually formed a new style.
7. Living Style

In order to achieve the "immersion" effect, the design of realistic small environment scene layout is adopted. Many series of exhibits of modern enterprises can be displayed centrally on the exhibition stand. Many series of exhibits of modern enterprises can be displayed centrally on the exhibition stand. Commonly seen in home products, wedding products, household appliances and other exhibitions.

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