There are many different countertops in the bathroom. Today we introduce three more common ones:
1.Marble countertop
Marble countertops are popular in the market because marble has a relatively high hardness. The marble has a unique texture and color in appearance. It can be used with a variety of different styles to make the bathroom countertops very beautiful. Marble countertops are also relatively easy to clean, which is a cost-effective countertop.
2.Tile material countertop
Tiled countertops are very popular in the market. These countertops are highly smooth and give a comfortable and bright feeling in the bathroom, and the tile countertops also have the advantages of corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. However, the tile surface of the tile is relatively fragile, so when purchasing, pay more attention to the quality of the tile, try to choose the tile countertop of the big brand.
3.Acrylic material countertop
Acrylic countertops have good flexibility, and the surface of this material looks fine, but the fly in the ointment is that its hardness is not enough compared to the stone countertop, it is easy to create potholes after the collision. If you use a countertop of this material, you should pay more attention to it.