The paint can make the appearance of the display frame more beautiful, and each of our display racks needs to be tested by baking paint. The quality of the paint is determined by the infrared paint lamp. So what is the technical parameters of the infrared lacquer lamp on display?

By combining the irregular configuration reflector with the short-wave infrared technology, it gives the IRT drying lamp the advantages that many other similar products cannot surpass.

1. The IRT drying lamp can directly deliver energy to the lacquer to be dried by thermal radiation without heating the surrounding air. This alone increases drying efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

2, can provide you with a more even dry surface, because the reflector surface of the dry lamp can evenly release the heat.

3, can provide a larger dry area.

4, gold-plated reflector, reflectivity of more than 97%, all energy is projected on the board, energy saving, high efficiency.

5, the cooling system, so that the light box is not hot, the lamp life is longer, the normal maintenance use can reach more than 15,000 working hours.

6, the electronic control system, will record the last time the user set the last time, no need to repeat the adjustment.

Voltage: 220V-240V, 50/60Hz, single phase

Fuse: 16A slow C type

Sound noise: less than 70dB

Power: full power 3000W

Dry area: 1.0mx1.1m (width x height)

Working room temperature: 40 degrees Celsius

Lamp: 3 quartz tungsten wire tube containing infrared-induced gas substance

Weight: 23kg

We are: the supplier of stone display stands.