There are three types of stone sample placement methods: reclining, hanging, and countertop. Each method of presentation has its own advantages. According to the design style of the stone exhibition hall and the size of the exhibition hall. Reasonable choice of the corresponding stone display rack can get the most reasonable way.

Reclining: This way of placing the sample at a certain angle. Let the sample reveal a different temperament. At the same time, the reclining display rack is similar in style to furniture and can be used with different decorative items according to your needs. And as a whole, don't worry about moving. If you like, you can put it in every place in the exhibition hall.

Hanging type: Hanging display racks are generally divided into two types: light and heavy display racks. The width of the light display rack is no more than 50cm, so his characteristics are that it is easy to move and the position is varied. Can make full use of the exhibition space to save space. Relatively speaking, the heavy display racks are not so arbitrary, and there are certain restrictions on the placement. And most of them are placed against the wall.

Countertop type This is the most common type of exhibition hall. More common in the entrance of the exhibition hall or various countertops. The countertop display rack can display fewer samples, but since he is in the countertop, the customer can hold it in his hand. There are no more exposure opportunities than other display stands. So it is also a good way to put it.

Others have some simple display racks that are not introduced too much here, and customers and friends should be more familiar with this display method than I am. In addition, the placement of stone samples is best done by a professional exhibition hall design company, the exhibition rack production company, not to save a little renovation costs, but their display racks have become so high. Missing customers.