As one of the main materials for decoration engineering, stone plate is widely used. Customer favor is also very high. Therefore, there are many manufacturers in the country. How to improve customer recognition and display our stone plates through better display means has always been a problem for stone plate practitioners. Today, the problem of the display of the board has been solved by the display rack design sound field manufacturers. A wide variety of different stone plate displays are available for selection. But if you look at it, you will find that in addition to the different styles and colors, they all have several things in common. This also provides a reference for friends who want to make their own stone plate display racks.

Feature 1: Good quality; due to the physical factors of the stone plate itself, it is not possible to use inferior steel display materials. This is because the relative density of stone plates is large. So gravity is also big. If the display frame is not qualified. After a hundred stone plates, it is easy to collapse. Causes hidden dangers of property and personal property.

Feature 2: The structure is simple; sometimes complicated things are not good. The simple structure can help the stone plate display rack to reduce its excess weight. The finished product display is both elegant and practical, and at the same time convenient to carry and save transportation costs.

Feature 3: Strong welding and scientific design. Usually stone plate display stands are not designed casually with the designer's wishes. Basically, they are based on the designer's many years of practical experience and scientific support. This guarantees the simple features of the second structure above. At the same time, each of the solder joints is welded firmly using the technology of an excellent welding master, so that it is both beautiful and firm.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying or designing a stone plate display rack, please pay attention to the above three points, which not only determines the display effect of the stone plate. It also indirectly reduces the risk of uncertainty.