Although the wooden display racks have a good display effect, there is a special need to pay attention to the exhibition halls. It is easy to cause fires when the customer smokes, especially in a dry and stuffy environment. Therefore, the use of wood-based tile exhibition halls requires a lot of attention. Fire prevention and disaster prevention.

Things to pay attention to when using wooden tile display racks:
1. Wooden shelves prevent mildew. During the spring and summer seasons, it is easy to see that the air is not ventilated and the ambient humidity is high. At this time, if you don't pay attention to the corners that you don't often see, you may have been moldy. So pay attention to ventilation. If you feel that the showcase is too humid, you can try to drag it to the sun to make it easy.
2, the current wood is no more than the previous solid wood, and now a lot of practical plywood and other materials, so the load will be greatly reduced. Tiles that cannot be placed are recommended to be collected and placed in unobtrusive corners for safekeeping. Otherwise, it is not so beautiful to be stacked on the display rack, and it is easy to exceed the maximum load limit of the display rack. Dangerous.

In short, when you buy our wood-based tiles, in addition to the installation instructions, there are some common sense of wood furniture maintenance, I hope to have time to take the time to read. It will help you to maintain the tile wood display rack. Thank you!