Today's quartz stone countertops are more and more popular with kitchen and bathroom decoration, but why quartz stone countertops will be so popular, today we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone.
The advantages of quartz stone:
1. Extremely high temperature resistant, high temperature resistant (can withstand high temperatures of 300 ° C), even with fire and roast, only black scars are left, and only a cloth wipe is needed, it will be completely new, no trace.
2. It is not easy to scratch. The Mohs hardness of quartz stone is 6 to 7.5, so the hardness of quartz stone is relatively high in stone.
3. No oil stains and stains, easy to clean, not easy to seep water, every time you clean quartz stone, you can clean it with a rag.
4. Stone color is consistent, not easy to change color, and fade.
The disadvantages of quartz stone:

The shape is relatively simple, and because the hardness is too strong, it is difficult to process.

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