Quartz stone has high hardness and firm texture, which is unmatched by other stone materials. As a green and pollution-free stone, quartz stone has been widely used in the decoration building materials industry. However, there are still many people in life who have misunderstandings about the use of quartz stone.
1. Place high temperature items on the surface of quartz stone for a long time
Although quartz stone is resistant to high temperatures, it may cause damage to the quartz stone by placing the high temperature object on the surface of the quartz stone for a long time.
2. Directly use quartz stone countertops as cutting boards
Some people may think that the hardness of quartz stone will not be damaged anyway. Simply use quartz stone as a cutting board. Although quartz stone is solid and durable, it will leave scratches on the surface of quartz stone for a long time.
3. Do not clean after use, think that water stains and stains will not affect quartz stone
Because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, after a long stay, it will change the color of the countertop and affect the appearance.
4. It is considered that quartz stone has high density, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance and free use.

The solid items will be worn out in case of long-term damage, so we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance.

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