First, what places need anti-slip

For non-slip, it is essential for all kinds of floor tiles, granite, marble, etc. It is generally suitable for stairs, entrances, wet water and slope surfaces.

Second, how to carry out stone non-slip

After construction, the hard objects formed on the surface of the stone will adhere to the object for a long time, the stability is extremely strong, and it will not fall off due to external force. The wear resistance and toughness are better than the stone, which enhances the durability of use and ensures walking. safety.

After the anti-slip treatment, its color, smoothness and other aspects can hardly be changed by the naked eye, creating a non-toxic, non-radiating, odor-free, anti-corrosive, non-bacterial, non-skinning, non-flaking, and more hygienic environment. The original environment has been greatly improved, and the ground has a new look. The customer's follow-up maintenance work is very simple, there is no special requirement, as long as the wash brush can be used.

Third, common stone Anti-slip materials

Anti-slip agent: specially designed to solve the problem of slippery, suitable for natural and artificial materials. Such as: natural stone, terrazzo, artificial microcrystalline stone, concrete, ceramics, etc.

Anti-slip stickers: flexible construction, available in a variety of colors, suitable for natural stone, terrazzo, wood, ceramics, concrete, water and slippery stone and ceramic stairs, slopes and entrances.

Anti-slip curing agent: It has three functions of brightening, anti-skid and curing, non-acidic, used for marble, terrazzo, natural stone, ceramic tile, wood board, with breathability and wear resistance.

Anti-slip epoxy anti-slip coating: professionally solve commercial and industrial floor anti-skid, suitable for indoor floor with high requirements for safe walking. It is resistant to gasoline, acids and most oils. It can also resist lubricating oil, alcohol, etc.

Rubber resin anti-skid coating: the first choice for outdoor floor skid, anti-slip type and non-bump type, with high UV resistance, suitable for food processing plants, fast food industry and commercial kitchens, slopes, etc.

There are many materials for anti-slip stone on the market. The above is a brief introduction to several commonly used stone anti-skid materials for reference.

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