Tianfan's stone display rack daily maintenance skills, stone display stand is an indispensable item in our store display products, then in the process of our daily use, how should we better maintain it? What are the techniques for maintaining the stone display rack? Next, we will introduce you to the maintenance of stone display racks.
1. The display rack takes a long time and should be scrubbed regularly. Pay attention to the process of scrubbing the display rack. Because the display rack is made of metal, be careful to avoid being scratched.
2. Avoid bumps. This is the most important point to be noticed by metal. The display rack should be handled gently during transportation. It should be placed in a place where hard objects are not often touched. After that, do not change the position of the display rack and the floor of the display rack should be kept flat.
3. Keep away from acid and alkali, metal display racks are most afraid of encountering corrosive acids and alkalis.
4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Long-term sun exposure can easily lead to discoloration of the paint on the stone display rack.
All in all, it is important to have a good stone display rack. It is also important to learn how to maintain it. In daily life, pay attention to the maintenance and protection of the display rack to extend its life.
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