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From 2008, Tsianfan factory specialized in producing stone/ceramic tile/flooring display racks/stands ( tile sample boxes, hand-held panels, quartz color cards, tile suitcases) for tile showroom, sell to distant places in Europe(UK/Russia/Germany/Sweden/Spain..), North America(USA/Canada/Brazil/Mexico..), Asia(China/Japan/India/Korea..), Australia, more than 65 countries.

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Professional and sustainable service spirit, integrity and innovation of the business philosophy is the company's core competitiveness, but also an important part of the company's corporate culture. We treat each business kindly, we treat each customer well; let the customers feel at ease - it is the constant pursuit of our company, the company is willing to work with you to create brilliant!


Recently Products

Classic large panel frame indoor and outdoor stone display frame intuitive display

Elevate your showroom with our extensive selection of natural stone slab display fixtures, including stackable stone slab display cubes, sleek stone slab display cases, and mobile stone slab presentation carts....

Marble slab granite slab support

Discover our range of marble slab display systems, featuring versatile marble slab presentation racks, polished stone slab shelves, and innovative quartz slab display solutions....

Engineering stone page turning rack large panel roller type ceiling light decoration

With Tsianfan, customization is key. Their racks are tailored to fit specific stone types, sizes, and finishes, ensuring an impeccable display that complements each stone's characteristics....

Granite sample display box customized high quality packaging box design

Our product range includes sliding display boards, mosaic rotating racks, among others, designed for flexibility and elegance in showcasing various products....

Mosaic display board desktop display stand white MDF booth

The company has deep experience in the application of a variety of materials, whether wood, metal, plastic or glass materials, can be flexibly used in the production of display equipment....

  • Eleven years of design, research and development, production of stone exhibition equipment, service stone enterprise experience; from the big frame to the details can be perfectly considered customer needs.
  • Through the ISO9001 and SGScertification international certification, raw materials come from formal, licensed suppliers, in line with national technology, quality, environmental standards, and the quality of exhibits is guaranteed.
  • The design team and the production team are composed of elites in the industry. The technical strength is strong, and the durability, aesthetics and cost performance of the products are at the leading level in the industry.


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