In the exhibition rack industry, the material of the display rack is divided into various types, metal materials, wood, acrylic display racks, and plastics. The display racks do not display the characteristics of different exhibits. Today, we are going to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of metal display racks and wooden display racks, and see what is different between the two.

Metal display rack:

1. The bearing capacity is strong, can withstand several times its own gravity, dozens of times, or even more weight, its bearing capacity is much stronger than the wooden display rack.

2. It is not easy to be deformed and resistant to bumps. In the usual handling process, the display rack will inevitably have some bumps, and the advantages of the metal display rack are reflected. Because it is made of metal, it is not easy to deform after the collision.

3. Easy to clean. When the display rack needs to be cleaned for a long time, just wipe the place to be cleaned with a cloth soaked in water, which is very convenient.

4. Removable, the general metal display rack is composed of various parts. When it needs to be transported, it can be disassembled for convenient transportation.

Wooden display rack:

1. The appearance is generous. The wooden display rack has unique textures and various specifications. It is very generous and has grades. It is especially suitable for the display of some valuables, and also has the fragrance of trees.

2. Safer, normal wooden display racks, unlike metal display racks with sharp corners, even if they are bumped, they will not be hurt much, which is more safe than metal display racks.

3. Expensive, in the market, usually the wooden display rack, the price is higher than the metal display rack, because the wooden display rack is more beautiful and more gas, in contrast, the metal display rack is more practical.

But whether it is a metal display rack or a wooden display rack, they all have the irreplaceable advantages of the other side, so when choosing your favorite display rack, it is decided according to individual needs.

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