To get the right granite showcase, you must first understand the characteristics of the granite sample itself. Starting from both the product and the environment. Only to know what you want, what customers can get. This requires years of precipitation in the stone industry and considerable experience. If you have just entered the granite industry, let me give you some advice on buying a showcase.

    The composition of granite: a hard product of granite stone developed after volcanic eruption. There are mainly magma and mineral components.

    Characteristics of granite: characterized by high hardness, high density, wear resistance and acid resistance. Because of the high hardness, the absorption effect on water is poor. It is not easy to weather in a normal environment and the color remains good. Therefore, it is generally used in outdoor and exterior wall finishes.

    Granite sales target group: Knowing the usefulness, then we can clearly know who our users are. It is those construction units or commercial area construction units. These units often undertake the procurement needs of the owners.

    Display of granite samples: So how can we better display granite samples in anticipation of better display in front of customers. First of all, we have to choose the kind of showcase that has similar effects as exterior wall finishes or exterior wall hangings. This showcase can simulate the appearance of the exterior wall. Make customers feel more intuitive and compare the effects of different granite samples. At the same time, due to the granite showcase has the role of setting off granite samples. Make it look more beautiful and more in line with the sample of other friends, and it is close to the ideal of the customer's mind.