The choice of shelves for European standard swimming pool tile display racks in ceramic tile exhibition halls is influenced by factors such as the design aesthetics, functionality, and the specific characteristics of the swimming pool tiles. Here are some types of shelves commonly used for these displays:

1. **Floating Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Floating shelves provide a clean and modern look. They are attached to the wall, giving the illusion that the shelves are "floating." This style allows the focus to remain on the swimming pool tiles, creating a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

2. **Glass Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Glass shelves add a touch of sophistication to the display. They are transparent, allowing for a clear view of the tiles and creating a sense of openness. Glass shelves are easy to clean and maintain.

3. **Adjustable Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Adjustable shelves offer flexibility in showcasing tiles of varying sizes. This allows for easy customization based on the dimensions of different swimming pool tiles in accordance with the European standard.

4. **Illuminated Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Shelves with built-in lighting can highlight the swimming pool tiles and enhance their visual appeal. Illuminated shelves create a captivating display, drawing attention to the details and colors of the tiles.

5. **Wooden Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Wooden shelves can add warmth and a natural element to the display. They are versatile and can complement various styles of swimming pool tiles. Wooden shelves are sturdy and can support the weight of the tiles.

6. **Metal Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Metal shelves provide a modern and industrial aesthetic. They are durable and can withstand the demands of a busy exhibition hall. Metal shelves can be customized to match the overall design theme.

7. **Cantilevered Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Cantilevered shelves extend from a vertical support, creating a floating effect. This design allows for a unique and visually interesting display of swimming pool tiles.

8. **Open Shelving Units:**
   - *Description:* Open shelving units provide easy accessibility to the tiles and allow for creative arrangement. This style is versatile and can accommodate various tile sizes and shapes.

9. **Mirrored Shelves:**
   - *Description:* Mirrored shelves can add a touch of elegance and create the illusion of additional space. They reflect the tiles and surrounding environment, contributing to a more visually dynamic display.

10. **Stone or Tile-Faced Shelves:**
    - *Description:* Shelves faced with the same or complementary stone or tile materials as the swimming pool tiles create a cohesive and harmonious display. This design choice emphasizes the connection between the shelves and the showcased tiles.

11. **Multilevel Shelves:**
    - *Description:* Multilevel shelves add dimension to the display. They can be designed with staggered heights to create visual interest and showcase swimming pool tiles at different eye levels.

12. **Customized Shelves with Sample Pools:**
    - *Description:* Custom shelves with built-in sample pools or water features can provide a realistic representation of how the swimming pool tiles will look in water. This immersive experience can enhance customer visualization.

When selecting shelves for European standard swimming pool tile display racks, it's essential to consider the overall design concept, the characteristics of the tiles, and the desired customer experience. Additionally, ensure that the chosen shelves are durable, easy to maintain, and compliant with exhibition hall standards and safety regulations. Collaborating with professionals experienced in ceramic tile displays can help in designing a visually appealing and functional showcase for your swimming pool tiles.