Marble slab display racks often evolve in style and design to cater to changing preferences in the market. Some hot-selling styles for marble slab display racks that have gained popularity recently include:

1. **Minimalist and Sleek Designs:** Clean lines, minimalistic frames, and sleek designs are in demand. These racks often focus on simplicity to allow the beauty of the marble slabs to stand out without distraction.

2. **Modular and Customizable Racks:** Display racks that offer modular or customizable features are gaining traction. These racks allow for versatile configurations, adapting to different showroom layouts and accommodating varying sizes of marble slabs.

3. **Metal and Glass Combinations:** Incorporating metal frames or accents with glass shelves provides a modern and elegant look. This style offers a balance between sturdiness and transparency, allowing the marble slabs to be showcased prominently.

4. **Floating Display Shelves:** Floating shelves or racks that create an illusion of the slabs floating on the wall are increasingly popular. These racks often use concealed mounts or brackets to give a clean and contemporary appearance.

5. **Backlit or Illuminated Displays:** Incorporating lighting elements into the display racks to highlight the beauty and natural patterns of marble slabs is becoming more prevalent. Backlighting or LED illumination can create a stunning visual impact.

6. **Contrasting Materials:** Display racks that blend materials such as wood, metal, or acrylic with marble slabs offer a striking contrast, enhancing the visual appeal of the displayed slabs.

7. **Interactive and Digital Displays:** Some innovative racks integrate digital screens or interactive elements to provide information about the marble slabs, allowing customers to visualize them in various settings.

The key is to create display racks that not only showcase the beauty of marble slabs but also align with contemporary design trends and customer preferences. Offering a range of styles that cater to different tastes and preferences in the market can be beneficial for attracting customers and showcasing the versatility of marble slabs.