Whether or not an artificial stone large shelf should have wheels for easy movement depends on various factors, including its intended use, location, and the specific needs of the users. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

1. **Weight and Size:** Artificial stone shelves are typically heavy due to the weight of the stone slabs. If the shelf is large and heavy, adding wheels may make it easier to move around, especially when rearranging the display or cleaning the area.

2. **Accessibility:** Consider whether the shelf needs to be moved frequently for accessibility reasons. If users need to access items on the shelf regularly or if the shelf needs to be relocated for maintenance or cleaning, wheels can facilitate this process.

3. **Floor Surface:** Consider the type of flooring in the area where the shelf will be placed. Wheels may be more suitable for smooth or hard flooring surfaces such as tile, hardwood, or concrete. On the other hand, if the shelf will be placed on carpet or uneven surfaces, wheels may not provide as much benefit and could potentially cause instability.

4. **Stability and Safety:** Adding wheels to a heavy shelf may affect its stability and safety, especially if the shelf is tall or loaded with heavy items. Ensure that the wheels are of high quality, equipped with locking mechanisms, and can support the weight of the shelf and its contents without compromising stability.

5. **User Preferences:** Consider the preferences of the users who will be interacting with the shelf. Some users may prefer the flexibility and convenience of a shelf with wheels, while others may prioritize stability and prefer a stationary shelf.

6. **Cost and Maintenance:** Wheels add complexity and cost to the design of the shelf. Consider whether the benefits of having wheels outweigh the additional cost and maintenance requirements, such as regular inspection and lubrication of the wheel mechanisms.

In summary, while wheels can provide convenience and flexibility for moving an artificial stone large shelf, it's essential to carefully evaluate the specific needs and considerations of the intended use and users before making a decision.