Except for the acrylic material, the display racks produced by our company are all painted in the paint booth. The display racks produced are better than the traditional paint paints, and are more high-end atmosphere. It is very suitable for the exhibition halls of long-term overseas exhibitors and major tile stone flooring brands.

The maintenance instructions for the paint display stand are as follows:
1, clean rag: We do not ask you to buy a dog with a high degree of softness, a special rag or dust removal tool. But please be sure to take care of your display rack and use a clean rag to remove dust. There are two advantages to doing this: 1 There are no hard, hard particles on the clean rag. Small particles will scratch the protective film on the surface of the paint, and if it is serious, it will easily damage the integrity of the paint itself. 2 Even if there are no small particles, if you use a dirty rag to wipe, then the wipe is certainly not clean, will leave stains on the painted surface, this stain is colored. Very affects the appearance.

2, must choose the right care agent, care agent should choose the right. There are many brands of paint care agents on the market, the main principles are: spray and detergent. Everyone should look at it when they buy it. It is best to buy a group that is cleaned with a cleaning agent and then waxed at a marked location.

3, many customers do not have the concept, unconsciously put the high temperature cup on the opening surface when drinking boiled water, there is a layer of watermark on the surface of the paint. Very affects the appearance. How to remove it quickly? You can try to put a wet rag on a watermarked paint cabinet while trying to iron the box. Then iron it on the iron at a lower temperature. Can effectively remove the watermark.