The volcanic rock has superior performance and has its own unique functions in addition to the general characteristics of ordinary stone. The volcanic rock material is resistant to weathering, acid and alkali, and non-radioactive; the natural pore shape has the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction, which is beneficial to the auditory environment; the unique "breathing" function is easy to absorb and volatilize, and can adjust the air humidity and improve the ecological environment.
Four advantages of volcanic rock

1, respiratory function

The natural pores of volcanic rocks give them a unique breathing function. In rainy days, they can use the pores of volcanic rocks to absorb water. On sunny days, under the sunlight, the water is slowly released to mediate the temperature of the surrounding air. This function is suitable for pedestrian streets, squares, especially the surrounding areas of flowers, grass and trees, so that the rainwater in the sky penetrates into the ground, communicates with the underground water, ensures that the plants have sufficient moisture, and there is no strong baking around the sun.
2, sound absorption and drying

The unique natural pores of volcanic rock are the only natural sound absorbing materials in all building materials. It is suitable for stations, subways, underground projects and noise-prone production workshops, plazas and other places.

3, absorption and heat resistance

Volcanic rock products are produced by condensation of volcanic lava after eruption. They have obvious absorption and heat resistance due to absolute high temperature. Under intense sunlight, they will not be as hot as granite, and there is no iron baking. In the cold winter, it will not be like an ice hand.

4, health care function

Natural volcanic rock products with more than 30 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human health. The volcano has spawned countless hot springs, and people who wash hot spring baths can treat many diseases, such as arthritis, rheumatic pain and various skin diseases, all of which have good curative effects and health care functions. Volcanic mud bath, which is rich in minerals, organic matter, trace elements, soaked in the mud to achieve health care.

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