When displaying stone slab samples on a display board, it's essential to consider the size that is both intuitive and visually appealing to viewers. Here are some recommended sizes for stone slab samples displayed on a display board:

1. **Standard Sizes**: Stone slab samples are commonly available in standard sizes such as 12"x12" (30cm x 30cm), 18"x18" (45cm x 45cm), or 24"x24" (60cm x 60cm). These sizes are widely recognized and provide a good balance between visibility and practicality.

2. **Large Format**: Larger stone slab samples, such as 24"x36" (60cm x 90cm) or 36"x36" (90cm x 90cm), can create a bold and impactful display on a display board. These sizes allow viewers to appreciate the texture, veining, and overall appearance of the stone slab in greater detail.

3. **Multiple Sizes**: Incorporating a mix of different sizes on the display board can add visual interest and create a dynamic presentation. Consider arranging smaller sizes, such as 12"x12" or 18"x18", alongside larger sizes to showcase the range and versatility of the stone slabs.

4. **Custom Sizes**: Depending on the specific requirements of your display board and the available space, you may opt for custom-sized stone slab samples. Custom sizes allow for greater flexibility in designing the layout and composition of the display board to suit your preferences.

5. **Proportional Scaling**: Ensure that the size of the stone slab samples is proportional to the overall size of the display board. Avoid overcrowding the board with samples that are too large or too small relative to the available space, as this can detract from the visual appeal and readability of the display.

6. **Consistency**: Maintain consistency in the size and shape of the stone slab samples throughout the display board to create a cohesive and organized presentation. This helps viewers navigate the display more easily and focus on the individual characteristics of each sample.

Ultimately, the size of stone slab samples displayed on a display board should be chosen based on the specific goals of the exhibition or showroom, the available space, and the preferences of the target audience. By selecting sizes that are intuitive and visually appealing, you can create an engaging and informative display that effectively showcases the beauty and versatility of the stone slabs.