The type of quartz display rack recommended for use depends on several factors, including the specific needs of your showroom or store, the size and weight of the quartz slabs or samples you intend to display, and your desired aesthetic and functionality. There are various types of quartz display racks available, each with its own advantages. Here are some commonly recommended types:

1. **Vertical Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Vertical racks are designed to display quartz slabs in an upright, vertical position. They are ideal for showrooms with limited floor space.
   - Vertical racks maximize visibility, allowing customers to see the full height of the quartz slabs.
   - These racks often feature adjustable arms or brackets to accommodate different slab sizes.

2. **Horizontal Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Horizontal racks are designed to hold quartz slabs horizontally. They are suitable for showrooms with more available floor space.
   - These racks allow customers to view the length and width of the slabs, making it easier to assess patterns and color variations.
   - Horizontal racks can be customized to have various shelf configurations to accommodate different slab sizes and thicknesses.

3. **Combination Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Combination racks offer a versatile solution by incorporating both horizontal and vertical display sections within a single unit.
   - They provide flexibility in showcasing different slab sizes and orientations, allowing you to accommodate a variety of quartz products in one display.

4. **Mobile Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Mobile racks come with wheels or casters, making them easy to move around your showroom or store.
   - These racks are convenient for rearranging your display layout, accommodating customer preferences, or repositioning for cleaning or maintenance.

5. **Custom Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Custom display racks are tailored to your specific needs, including size, capacity, design, and branding.
   - You can work with manufacturers or designers to create a display solution that aligns with your unique requirements and aesthetics.

6. **Waterfall Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Waterfall-style racks feature slanted or angled shelves that create a cascading effect. This design showcases multiple slabs at different angles.
   - Waterfall racks are visually appealing and can draw attention to specific slabs or patterns.

7. **Rotating Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Rotating or revolving racks are designed to rotate, allowing customers to easily access and view a variety of quartz slabs without moving around the showroom.
   - These racks are space-efficient and can showcase a larger selection in a compact footprint.

8. **Backlit Quartz Display Rack:**
   - Backlit racks incorporate LED lighting to illuminate the quartz slabs, highlighting their patterns, colors, and translucency.
   - This type of rack can create a captivating and attention-grabbing display.

When selecting a quartz display rack, consider factors such as available space, the variety of quartz products you offer, customer preferences, and your overall store design. It's important to choose a display rack that effectively showcases the beauty and quality of your quartz slabs while providing an inviting and informative shopping experience for customers.